Skype for Business – Snooper and SIP Deep Dive Refresher

This blog is mainly for myself but it may serve anyone who needs a refresher or who is beginning to enter the world of SIP and Skype for Business. Coming from a traditional Microsoft background, when I started with Lync I had no conception of voice, or SIP and spent the best part of my… Read More


Skype for Business DDI Number Management using SharePoint Online [BETA]

This year I set myself a little project to see if I could use some of the tools and platforms provided in Office 365 to create something mildly useful. I wanted to start with something basic and achievable without having to spend months and months of trial and error experiments and thought that Phone Number… Read More

Skype for Business Conference and “Mute Off” with Plantronics (and others) Headsets

I was browsing the Microsoft Tech Community last night and came across a post by a user saying “Is it possible to stop Skype from announcing Mute Off in meetings” as it was causing them to miss conversations or a chance to interject. This behaviour is not native Lync / Skype for Business. When you… Read More

Boss / Secretary Scenarios with Anywhere365 – Part 3

In part 2, I described the end user / secretary experience. In this part I wanted to go through more of an advanced scenario. One of the problems with Lync delegate ringing is that when a call comes into the boss, all their delegates will simultaneously ring. For some customers and secretaries, this is a… Read More

Boss / Secretary Scenarios with Anywhere 365 – Part 2

In part 1 of this mini series focussed around boss / secretary scenarios we looked at how to create a simple call flow that would enable secretaries to answer calls originally destined to the boss without the boss every knowing that they had a call. We took this further and created exceptions to allow some… Read More

Boss / Secretary Scenarios with Anywhere 365 – Part 1

If you are running Lync Server 2013 or later, then there is a boss / admin role built-in to the core that allows you to configure delegates for a boss or manager. However, in order to do this you need SEFAUtil, but more recently in Skype for Business these commands have been introduced into native… Read More

Skype for Business – Niggle Notes – Login & Routing Performance

I wanted to share with you some notes from the field as it where. The most common problems I see in deployments that where either PoC’s come production or just bad habits. I am not sure the reason why so many fall foul to these common mistakes, but they seriously impact the performance of Skype… Read More

Skype for Business Backup Service Fail to Start

This will only take a second. While reinstalling my lab on CU4 I couldn’t start the Skype for Business Backup Service. Deployment logs showed successful deployment but when the service attempted to start I received an Error 4006 on the LS Backup Service. The full error was: Skype for Business Server 2015, Backup Service service… Read More

Skype for Business @ Microsoft Ignite What You Need To Know

I wasn’t able to go to Microsoft Ignite this year in Atlanta, but 4,078 miles away I have been watching social media, Microsoft blogs, live and on demand streams to gather as much relevant information as possible with regards to Skype for Business. The intention of this post is to summarise the key points I… Read More

Legacy PBX Number Presentation to Skype for Business Using Sonus SBCs and AD based RNL

A customer messaged me last week and asked me a question regarding number presentation to Skype for Business when users still on their legacy PBX system placed a call to a Skype for Business endpoint. The customer explained to me that when a Skype for Business user called an extension on their legacy PBX system,… Read More