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Random Password Function Powershell

To generate a random password for Active directory you can use this function

Function Get-RandomPassword(){
Param (
$alphabet=$NULL;For ($a=65;$a –le 90;$a++) {$alphabet+=,[char][byte]$a }
$ascii=$NULL;For ($a=33;$a –le 126;$a++) {$ascii+=,[char][byte]$a }
For ($l=1; $l -le $length; $l++){ 
 $tempPassword += ($alphabet | Get-Random)
 $tempPassword += ($ascii | Get-Random)
return $tempPassword


Even though the length is 5, it will actually produce a 10 character password because it will use UPPERCASE letters x 5 and ASCII characters x 5

Resetting Office 365 Password using Powershell

To reset an office 365 user’s password you need the Windows Azure Active Directory Module installed http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/jj151815.aspx

Open the console and enter


Press Enter, enter your admin Office 365 account username and password in the logon box

Then issue this command

Set-MsolUserPassword -UserPrincipalName cphillip@domain.com -NewPassword London1234 -ForceChangePassword $false

Resetting User’s Password in Active Directory Using Powershell

This command and script was created for ease of convenience, simplicity and speed during a recent job


Set-ADAccountPassword <username> -Reset -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText <password> -Force)

And to prevent them from changing or changing at logon

Set-AdUser -Identity <username> -CannotChangePassword:$true -ChangePasswordAtLogon:$false

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