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Skype for Business Top Tip – Making Life Easy with(out) ADSI Edit

Have you ever been in that situation where you need to make a change to an AD attribute of a Lync / Skype for Business contact object, or RGS object, or any object other than a standard user? Consider the scenario where you want to hide Application Contacts from the user’s address book. These contacts may be Response Groups, or Trusted Application Endpoints. If you read the massively useful blog posts that guide you through how to do this then you’ll quickly realise you have to immerse yourself in ADSI Edit.

One of the biggest problems with ADSIEdit is that although it is incredibly powerful, it is also incredibly unfriendly to admins. Look at your Application Contacts object for instance and you’ll see a massive list of object guids and you will think “how the <expleative of your choice> am I supposed to find the object I need to edit in this list!”.


Skype for Business – Snooper and SIP Deep Dive Refresher

This blog is mainly for myself but it may serve anyone who needs a refresher or who is beginning to enter the world of SIP and Skype for Business. Coming from a traditional Microsoft background, when I started with Lync I had no conception of voice, or SIP and spent the best part of my early career actively avoiding anything to do with the subject.

I have never been officially trained on Lync or Voice over IP. All of my knowledge has been a mixture of trial and error, death by fire and reading other people’s blogs. Some might say this is the best way to learn, and while I agree to a point, there are times where I am in a room full of people and feel like the novice still. There are still some areas where I feel I have gaps in my “data bank” as it were. As a result, I often find it difficult to grasp some concepts on how things work outside of Lync / Skype for Business. I have never deployed or administered a Cisco or Avaya PBX system for instance because I just haven’t been in a situation where I have needed to. I am Microsoft, why would I have this experience? But as a Skype consultant you’re expected to have knowledge of these systems to some degree if you are to integrate voice especially.


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