Clear the Microsoft Teams Client Cache

Microsoft Teams cache behaviour is a lot to be desired if I am honest. One thing for sure is that if you are deploying Teams you’ll quickly find that your admin controlled policy settings take a random amount of time to come into effect on the target machines. Unlike Skype for Business Online where in-band… Read More


Microsoft Teams, STUN, TURN and NAT – Get Your Media Right

If you have used VoIP over internet solutions in the past then this will be no surprise. However, if you are new to Microsoft Teams with little or no UC heritage, then this post may be of value to you. Even though Teams uses its own protocols over https to communicate, underneath the bonnet of… Read More

Microsoft Teams Is Not A Chainsaw!

OK, so you’re probably wondering what the title is all about? I do have a point let me explain… Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams. It seems that Microsoft Teams is everywhere at the moment, in all internet literature. Look how productive I am with Microsoft Teams, Look how I only look at my email… Read More

Microsoft Teams – Quality of Service

Being a Skype and Teams consultant I seem to spend my life talking about why it is important to implement Quality of Service even for cloud systems routed over the internet. My mantra is simple, if you can do it and it’s going to make an improvement no matter how little the perception may be,… Read More