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Understanding Skype for Business Normalizations and Regular Expressions

If you are like me, then understanding normalization rules can be challenging if you don’t quite fully understand the syntax. For the longest time I thought the syntax was written by some Mayan tribe and often relied on intelligent tools or regex libraries online to grab the rules I wanted. Then one night, I was lying in bed and the penny dropped and now while I do not profess to be an expert in regex I now know enough to get through normalisation rules in Skype for Business and wanted to share what little knowledge I have with you.

There are many websites out there that try to explain regex in the simplest and most difficult terms. For me, I do not need to understand character normalisation, just number, so that should be simple right?

Let’s strip back the basics of what we need to understand to formulate an E.164 number for Skype for Business

  • We need to be able add + to the beginning of every dialled number
  • We need to be able to drop all leading 0 (zeroes) from dialled numbers
  • We need to be able to translate local subscriber numbers into full e.164 numbers
  • We need to translate internal extension numbers into full Telephone URIs
  • We need to translate international numbers
  • We need to exclude emergency numbers from any normalisation


Lync 2013 Complete Lab Guide Using Single Public IP Address – Part 3 – Building the PBX

In Part 2 we built the raw components for a Lync deployment. Before we create Lync we first need a PBX system if we are going to use enterprise voice. The PBX chosen for this lab is Elastix 2.5 which is an open source pbx system available for download here: http://www.elastix.org/index.php/en/downloads.html

In order to process calls to and from the PSTN we will also need a hosted SIP account with an online SIP provider. For this lab I have chose to use SIPGATE as the sip provider, http://www.sipgate.co.uk

Please sign up for your own account with them. It is free to sign up and use the service for inbound calls. You can also make calls to freephone numbers without charge, so is perfect for testing a simple EV deployment with Lync.

This part assumes that Elastix has been installed to PBX01, configured with the IP address and you have your Sipgate account information.


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