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Office 2013 Click to Run Hot Desk Licencing

With the increasing popularity of Office 365 and Office 2013 Pro Plus available with E3 licencing it has rewritten the rule book on application licence activation. In the past Microsoft gave us two options of activation, KMS and MAK. KMS was a favourite amongst system administrators because of its ease of deployment and reliance on robust distribution and activation technologies such as DNS and Active Directory. MAK had its place in smaller networks of 20 machines or less.

Enter Office 365 licencing. Now system administrators have to get their head around another form of activation, user initiated activation. User initiated activation prompts the logged on user to enter their email address and password for activation. Office, then interrogates the Office 365 tenant associated with the email address and then activates that instance of Office for the user, if the user is suitably licenced in Office 365. Great for admins, who now do not need to worry about their KMS states, or MAK activations.


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