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Channel Moderation in Microsoft Teams

In this episode of #TeamsIn2Minutes Mark Vale discusses what Channel Moderation is in Microsoft Teams and why you may find it useful in your own teams.

Channel Moderation is a feature available to all team owners whereby they can select just a few key people within their team to act as conversation starters.

By default, all team members are able to start new conversations, but as your team grows, channels may be used to share information that isn’t necessarily relevant to the purpose of the channel, e.g. pizza night outs and other “white noise” topics.

Sometimes users accidentally click the new conversation button, instead of the reply to thread button and then continue to post what they think is a reply to a previous thread, but indeed it is a whole new conversation.

These two human flaws can start to dilute the content within the channel and make it harder for people to find the most important information within it.

If you’re struggling with this, then perhaps moderation is a solution for you.

You can turn it on by selecting your team, then channel, go to manage channel and select your moderators.

Moderators will then have the permission to start new conversations, while normal members may only respond to the conversations started by the moderators.

You can take this a step further, by banning normal members from replying to any thread, thus making your channel more of a notice board where announcements and other content that shouldn’t be distracted can be posted.

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