The Skype Show – Episode 12–Yule-Want-to-Watch-This In this episode we are joined by Ali Athar from iR Prognosis showing us the value of UC Assessor for Skype for Business Online and Richard Brynteson from Skype Validator who shows off the new Polycom VVX Cloud Provisioning service provided for free on  Guests Ali Athar     iR is the corporate… Read More


The Skype Show – Episode 11 In this episode we speak with Brian Ricks and Tom Arbuthnot about their perception on cloud voice and Microsoft Teams. We cover topics on Cloud PBX, Cloud Connector Edition, Microsoft Teams, Productivity in general and where the future may be taking us. This episode is slightly different to the normal format.   Guests Brian… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 10 In Episode 10 we are delighted to welcome Iain Smith, an Office Servers and Services MVP on the show who talks about the new Skype for Mac client and the cool features coming with that at the end of the month. Matthijs van Domselaar from Workstreampeople and Graham Hosking from Microsoft UK joined us… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 9–Advanced-Voice-Stuff Episode 9 – Migration Methodology, Sonus & Nectar with UCMP and Advanced Voice Tips & Tricks 29th August 2016 Continuing on the theme of Enterprise Voice we look at the Migration Methodology. This is the process of migrating users from the legacy world into the Skype for Business ecosystem properly and ensuring that you… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 8–LBR-Call-Flow-Manager-Hybrid In Episode 7 we continued into the world of enterprise voice by discussing voice policies, calling features, PSTN usages and Routes. By now you should have a grasp of the fundamental concepts of Skype for Business Voice. In this episode we will be taking a closer look at Least Cost Routing (LCR) and also… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 7–Enterprise-Voice-Part-2-Call-Quality-Methodology-and-More In Episode 6 we began to talk about Enterprise Voice beginning with Dial Plans, Normalization rules and routing logic. In this episode we are talking about voice policies, PSTN usages and Voice routes. We are joined by special guest Ståle Hansen who is an Office Servers and Services MVP and talks us through the concepts of the… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 6 In episode 6 we are joined by Alex Lewis, an Office Services and Servers MVP from Event Zero. Alex  discusses UC Commander for Skype for Business. We are also be joined by a technical consultant from Sonus Networks, who presents Sonus’s proposition towards Skype for Business Session Border Controllers in technical detail. Enterprise Voice has been requested… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 5 In Episode 5 we are joined by Adam Jacobs, Office Servers and Services MVP and Polycom’s Principal Microsoft Architect. Adam discusses the recent developments Polycom announced at Enterprise Connect including the Polycom Cloud Video Interoperability Service, Polycom’s involvement around Project Rigel and the new Polycom Trio Hub. We are also walking through how to configure hybrid… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 4–Geographically-Dispersed-Edge-New-Skype-for-Business-Features-and-More In Episode 4 the we are discussing the future of Microsoft Unified Communications and the effects it will have on customers and partners. Thomas Poett will be discussing geographically dispersed edge server deployments and a bit about Cloud Connector Edition. We also have Jamie Stark, Skype for Business Technical Product Manager from Microsoft talking… Read More

The Skype Show – Episode 3–Backing-Up-Desktop-Client-and-Security n episode 3 we discuss how to backup your Skype for Business deployment properly using PowerShell and community tools. Michael LaMontagne (Office Services & Server MVP) takes us through the road to Office 2016 client deployment and Rui Maximo will be discussing his advanced Skype for Business security suite including ethical firewalls and anti… Read More