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Microsoft Teams Gets Behind Commsverse

Last week I had a Teams Call from Laurie Pottmeyer, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Teams. It seems that the Microsoft Teams Product Group had heard about Commsverse and wanted to know how they could help.

After a good chat the plan was revealed and whilst I cannot disclose the finer details of the conversation, what I can say, with huge pride and humility is that Microsoft Teams has fully committed to supporting Commsverse!

This exciting news means that we can now unveil Microsoft and in particular Microsoft Teams itself as an official technology sponsor for Commsverse 2020!

How cool is that?

We still can’t quite believe it and we are honoured to be able to carry this logo in support of our event!

But what does this mean for our potential attendees and sponsors?

For our sponsors, they now have the backing and support of the technology provider in the same event and this endorsement goes a long way to validating Commsverse as a relevant and important event on the calendar.

For our attendees, having the Microsoft Teams Product Group’s support and sponsorship means that we will have some exciting news to share with you soon. We are working closely with PG on securing a few names to come over and present at Commsverse. Some names that may be very familiar to you…

Having Product Group members at Commsverse gives you a unique opportunity that normally only happens on USA soil to get up close and personal with the people that actually own Teams and have meaningful conversations that could help your move to Teams and you could even influence future development of Teams!

If you’re not going to Ignite, then Commsverse could be the alternative event for you. As we are small and focused, we give you unparalleled access and time to these people that you would struggle to get at larger expo events. This could be incredibly valuable to you.

At this stage we are excited to announce that Laurie Pottmeyer will be in attendance at Commsverse 2020!

Laurie Pottmeyer

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corp


More Teams Product Group Members will hopefully be in attendance, once we have secured their time we will announce them!

Remember, we only have 350 tickets in total and they are selling. Our current count is close to 300 left and these will soon sell out. You can register for your ticket www.commsverse.com/registration now.

Swagit.io – The Live Audience Raffle Site

I am pleased to announce that Swagit.io has formally launched! What is Swagit? It is a Live Audience Raffle site. It has been created for user groups, breakout sessions or other meet-up events where the organiser, or presenter would like to give away prizes, or as we like to call it, Swag!

Swagit replaces the need to hand out raffle tickets to run your live draws, instead competitors simply use their internet connected device to connect to Swagit and enter a raffle.

So how does this work? Well we have designed it so that it really takes less that 10 seconds to join. The best bit is that we don’t collect any personal information, we don’t need your email address, a username or any other personal information from anyone and it is totally FREE to use.

If you want to run a prize draw / raffle, simply add swagit.io/go to the end of your PowerPoint session to open a brand new raffle draw.

Your competitors / audience can now join your raffle by either browsing to swagit.io and entering the PIN number on the homepage, or directly browse to the draw using the custom URL e.g. swagit.io/1198 or whatever the PIN number is for your draw.

They will be prompted to enter their name. This name can be any name they want. They can choose to enter their own name, or a pseudo name. The point is that it will be unique per draw. If there are two Hannah’s in the room, the second Hannah will have a number appended to her name e.g. Hannah2 automatically.

Your participants will then show up on your screen. When you are ready, press start draw.


The draw will take place choosing a random competitor from the list. The winner will be shown on your screen and the screen of the winner

The winner and the prize draw organiser should keep their windows open until the verification code has been visually checked by the organiser / presenter to ensure that the correct person is claiming your prize.

Other participants will be notified that they haven’t won and can exit the draw.

Important as a participant you must remain in the draw with the screen open until the draw has completed. Closing your browser, or clicking the close button prior to the completion of the draw will remove you from it and you will never win! You’ve got to be in it, to win it!

Please feel free to use this in your own events and meet-ups, or see it in action at Commsverse 2020 



UC Summit 2020 by UC Today

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Scott, Chief Publisher of UC Today, an online magazine and news website that focuses on the Unified Communications Industry about UC Summit.

UC Summit is a new online and virtual conference that UC Today are organising which is targeting technology buyers from end user customer organisations.

The aim of UC Summit is to provide a free, on-demand virtual expo where vendors from all over the UC technosphere will converge to pitch their solution to a captive audience, completely online in a video on-demand conference.

UC Summit will also be showcasing advocates from all over the UC industry, including Microsoft MVPs and community experts to deliver high value, technical content in sessions that compliment their technology expertise.

We are pleased to announce that the Commsverse team will be presenting at UC Summit on Microsoft Teams. More information will be posted later. But we are hugely excited by this opportunity and that another great UC conference is emerging which shows the demand and excitement around modern unified communications.

UC Summit will begin on the 20th January 2020. If you’d like to join in with all the free learning, please visit www.ucsummit.com today and register for your pass today!

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