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Hello, my name is Mark Vale and I am currently working as a UC Consultant for Dell Inc.  I spend my day to day working life providing technical workshops and delivering UC solutions to UK businesses and beyond. My specialism is really Microsoft Lync, however, due to the vast nature and pace of our customers this has expanded into areas I never thought I would venture. I am currently an MCSE in Communication, Microsoft Specialist in Lync 2013 DSE and MCSE in Messaging. My punishment of these qualifications mean most of my current work involves deploying Lync and Exchange in a mix of on-prem and hybrid deployments for large FTSE100 companies throughout the UK.

As a result, I am constantly finding myself in what I call tight spots. Situations that are unique to each user’s network and setup. If you are in a similar position to me you will understand. I am not complaining, I enjoy it. However, it is definitely hard to keep track of nice little “fixes” I find along the way. Too many times I have looked back and thought, hmmm, seen this before, how did I fix it? Did I spend hours in event logs, dump files and stumble across the fix by pure fluke? Did I spend 2 hours on Google trying to find if anyone else in the galaxy has experienced this exact same issue? Usually that answer is yes especially if it is Microsoft related, however, usually finding the answer is even more challenging. One thing I have become a master Googler over the years 🙂 Anyway, I digress, the point is that I have decided to start this blog, primarily for me, so I can quickly jog my memory, write down quick fixes for this site to remember so I don’t need to and hence its seemingly random design and posts. If anyone including you reading this actually finds it useful then that’s a bonus. Think of it as me giving something back to the internet for all the times I have called on (and will call on it) to help me.

What I post on here may not be the most in depth, detailed or screen capture guided how to’s, it is more matter of fact and to the point. It is written for me to understand in 30 seconds, a mind jog, so please excuse the frankness or perhaps vagueness in some of the detail as I assume I and you would be able to fill in the blanks.

This site is open for comments so please voice your opinions, thanks or whatever. I am always looking for shorter ways to resolve some problems. Thanks for visiting and hope you found what you were looking for.

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