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Moving On…

I’ve not blogged on this site for quite some time, in fact a year now. Logging into the site to post this was a challenge in itself. As probably you can imagine, the blog is now retired. Trying to put aside the time these days for a personal blog is impossible with my other ventures and work.

I have not left the community, far from it, I’ve even recently been reawarded MVP but my endeavours are now solely with Commsverse. 

I do occasionally blog technical content when I can, but that will be on the Commsverse blog. If you are wondering what Commsverse is, well its a Community Tech Conference about Teams. Perhaps you will head over there and attend an event in the future.

For now, though, this blog is now here for archive purposes. I won’t be adding to it or responding to comments on articles anymore.

Thank you for your support over the years here, I’ve enjoyed it. Maybe I will come back to this in the future, who knows.


Until then,

Peace Out!

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