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Swagit.io – The Live Audience Raffle Site

I am pleased to announce that Swagit.io has formally launched! What is Swagit? It is a Live Audience Raffle site. It has been created for user groups, breakout sessions or other meet-up events where the organiser, or presenter would like to give away prizes, or as we like to call it, Swag!

Swagit replaces the need to hand out raffle tickets to run your live draws, instead competitors simply use their internet connected device to connect to Swagit and enter a raffle.

So how does this work? Well we have designed it so that it really takes less that 10 seconds to join. The best bit is that we don’t collect any personal information, we don’t need your email address, a username or any other personal information from anyone and it is totally FREE to use.

If you want to run a prize draw / raffle, simply add swagit.io/go to the end of your PowerPoint session to open a brand new raffle draw.

Your competitors / audience can now join your raffle by either browsing to swagit.io and entering the PIN number on the homepage, or directly browse to the draw using the custom URL e.g. swagit.io/1198 or whatever the PIN number is for your draw.

They will be prompted to enter their name. This name can be any name they want. They can choose to enter their own name, or a pseudo name. The point is that it will be unique per draw. If there are two Hannah’s in the room, the second Hannah will have a number appended to her name e.g. Hannah2 automatically.

Your participants will then show up on your screen. When you are ready, press start draw.


The draw will take place choosing a random competitor from the list. The winner will be shown on your screen and the screen of the winner

The winner and the prize draw organiser should keep their windows open until the verification code has been visually checked by the organiser / presenter to ensure that the correct person is claiming your prize.

Other participants will be notified that they haven’t won and can exit the draw.

Important as a participant you must remain in the draw with the screen open until the draw has completed. Closing your browser, or clicking the close button prior to the completion of the draw will remove you from it and you will never win! You’ve got to be in it, to win it!

Please feel free to use this in your own events and meet-ups, or see it in action at Commsverse 2020 



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