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Enable Call Park for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft have released Call Park for Microsoft Teams. This feature allows the recipient to place the call in a special kind of holding pattern. As the name suggests, this is more like parking your car. You choose a space, park it, go about your business, come back to the space, pick your car up. Except with call park, the person picking up the call may not necessarily be you.

Call Park is used as a call treatment strategy whereby you cannot service the caller’s request, but some other member of your team or organisation can. Perhaps you have tried transferring the call, but couldn’t get through to the person you intended. Don’t want to constantly bounce the caller from failed transfer to failed transfer? Then call park is the solution for that.

It is different from call hold in that it frees up your line to accept other calls, or more likely, allow you to call around to inform people that you have a call that needs their attention.

Teams offers more options in finding a person to assist by the call handler than standard UC platforms. The handler can choose to target specific people and send them a chat to say I’ve got a call for you, to messaging a group of people and even notifying an entire Team. Ultimately call park is for situations whereby the call can be answered by any member of a specific department, rather than a specific person.

When a call is parked, Teams notifies the person who parked the call of a retrieval code. They can pass this code on to others who will then be able to retrieve that call and connect to the caller.

As with everything, the person picking up the call must be enabled for phone system and using either calling plans, or direct routing in order to successfully use this feature.

Call Park is not enabled by default. You have two options. You can either enable the Global Call Park policy, or create a custom Call Park policy and assign that to specific users. Perhaps a good use case for needing call park features is reception or personal assistants etc.

Call Park can only be enabled via PowerShell currently. To do this connect to Skype for Business Online PowerShell and run the following command to enable on the Global Policy

Set-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy -Identity Global -AllowCallPark $true

To create custom policy first create the policy using

New-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy -Identity MyCallParkPolicy -AllowCallPark $true

Then assign that policy to required users

Grant-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy -Identity User@domain.com -PolicyName MyCallParkPolicy

Once assigned it can take up to 24 hours to take effect. Once done, the user will see a new option in the call control when receiving a call.

When clicked, the caller will be placed into a conference and hear hold music, while the handler will get notified of the retrieval code in Teams

Press the copy button to copy the code to your clipboard and make a mental note of it. You can now press the X close button.

Next you send this code to the person or department you want the call to be picked up by with an appropriate message. This can be chat, email, voice or whatever your chosen medium is.

The person who is going to pick up the call will need to go to the calling app in Teams and select the Speed Dial page where they will see a new button called Unpark

This user must also be enabled for call park in Teams.

Once clicked, enter the unpark code e.g. 11 in my case and press unpark

You will then be connected to the caller.

If the call has not been picked up after approx. 6 minutes, the caller will automatically be transferred back to you


  1. Apparently (according to Microsoft) the call park feature is linked to the dial string pattern *1xx which may be used by some SIP PBXs as feature codes. This means that dialling *11, for example, will not be passed by Teams and will, instead, drop the call. We are in discussion with Microsoft about this but are yet to receive a solution.

  2. Has anyone had an issue with the call park code not being included? I’ve got the backend all set, and the calls can be parked, however, instead I get an “On hold” window at the top of my screen, not “Call Parked – Code ####”.

    I can resume the call, but that’s it.

    I am at a loss to find any troubleshooting for this issue.

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