Those of you who follow me will have seen that I sometimes post about this thing called buzzzie. If you’re wondering what this is and why I am doing it, then please read on!

Back in July, my father-in-law passed away suddenly and without warning. He was 59 years old. He was fortunate that his wife was with him at the time and everything that could’ve been done to save his life was done. However, it was not meant to be.

This event suddenly shocked me into realising that I take my family and friends for granted. I assume that when I leave home to go to work, that my wife, children, mother, father, mother-in-law are OK and if they wanted me they would call. It is normal that in my busy life that I can go days if not weeks between talking or texting some of my family. Again I just assume they’re OK. The same can be said the other way around, they assume I am OK.

Sure, we can WhatsApp, text or call whenever we like, but that takes conscious thought. When we are busy with immediate priorities you often forget that your WhatsApp message has not been replied to, or you haven’t called home to check in.

I am not saying this is wrong, its just normal for todays life. We live in a digitally connected world and that to some degree actually stops us interacting with people.

Sure, if there was an emergency, my wife / husband / partner / parent etc. would call me you’d say. But I put this to the test. You see I can often be in meetings, and when my phone goes I make a decision on whether to answer it or not. If it was my wife Becky or my mother, i’d probably silence it and call them back after my meeting. This doesn’t help them in their emergency and would cause them more stress and harm. What if they were unable to make a call? Maybe they could shout out, maybe they could push a button? Maybe they were incapacitated?

How would I know?

What buzzzie does is give you the ability to see your family and friends presence. You can see at a glance, whether all is well with them. So now in your meeting or whatever, and you have that lightbulb moment that you’ve not WhatsApp’d them, but wanted to check in you can do this visually in micro seconds and that leaves you feeling less stress and can concentrate on your task.

It also alerts you when your family and friends haven’t been active for a while, sending you a push notification to let you know that maybe you should just send a quick message to them to check they’re OK? buzzzie lets you do this with a quick one tap “buzzz” that sends them a notification to let them know you’re checking they are OK and have noticed that they haven’t been active for a while.

buzzzie has enhanced presence capabilities by looking at data points on your smart phone. It is able to notify and display certain presence states depending on your activity. So your presence can say “Mark has arrived Home 15 minutes ago” or “Mark has just left Work” or “Mark is Driving” etc. It does this without actually exposing your actual location to your friends.

buzzzie goes further than looking at your phone. We understand that while it is the most used personal device, it may lie inactive for a while while you’re at home or work. Therefore, buzzzie can connect to your smart watch e.g. FitBit and detect movement, which can be relayed back as a presence state. We can connect to smart home devices like Hive Home and detect motion within the home and feed that back as a presence state so that the people you matter to know instantly you’re OK without having to be too intrusive.

buzzzie also connects to Alexa so that if you’re at home and you can ask Alexa for your friends presence state

Please remember that buzzzie is built on a strict and granular permission model. You are in control of what people see. You can set this per person, or per group of people. So if you don’t want some of your family or friends to see when you leave / come home but you want to let your parents know, then you can do this with ease.

buzzzie also allows you to call out for help. This is when you need assistance from your family or friends that wouldn’t normally be a 999 / 911 call, but you need help. There is a panic button that you can press at any time and this will send out an SOS alert to the family members or friends you select as your alert buddies.

The alert is routed based on your alert buddy’s proximity to you. Therefore, buzzzie alerts the person who in theory could react quickest to you. If they do not accept the alert, or say they are unable, the alert then goes to the next closest buddy until some one answers.

At that point your actual location is shown to that person and they can quickly get directions to you, and use quick contact buttons within the app to get in touch with you. buzzzie has also added an emergency information table you can fill out with your details, net of kin, medical conditions, medication etc that is available to the accepted alert buddy during an emergency so that if you’re incapable of communicating this to emergency services, your buddy can do this on your behalf. Again, permission is down to you. You can choose to share or not.

buzzzies’s Alexa integration also allows you to call out for help in events where you are unable to reach your phone and need assistance.

The aim of buzzzie is to provide you with a secure platform to feel closer than ever to the people that matter to you, and who you matter to so that if the time comes where you need them, they are not far away. Its about staying connected and informed and making moments in the day to allow you to just check that everything is fine.

To sign up to the beta, please click here: 

I would really appreciate your help!


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