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Microsoft Teams – Calling App Doesn’t Load

This is a quick post to cover an intermittent issue that you may come across when provisioning users in the cloud for Teams Enterprise Voice.

There have been several cases in recent weeks where I have created a user in Office 365, assigned them the appropriate licensing for Teams and Calling Plan and yet the calling app in Teams does not appear.

When you double check your work, you realise that you have done everything correctly, license is correct, you’ve assigned them a number in the SfBOnline control panel, the number is active and when you call it, the call is diverted to the users voicemail.

Even after waiting the obligatory 15 minutes for replication (incidentally I’ve noticed that the recommended wait time in the cloud has quietly increased to a recommended 30 minutes….) the calling app does not load. You try restarting your machine, reinstalling the Teams app, signing in on multiple devices and even the web client and the calling app still fails to load.

OK, you get the drift now of the problem.

The cause is that there appears to be some bug in the back end processes within Office 365 when it comes to provisioning a user’s cloud features. This isn’t limited to cloud only created accounts, but also AzureAD Connect synchronised accounts too. The bug is non discriminate, which means that there is nothing that you can do proactively to ensure that you don’t become affected by it. It is just luck of the draw.

The only way to resolve this is to raise a support ticket with Microsoft Office 365 support and request them to re-provision the user’s identity on their back end. This process takes 12 hours to complete, but can happen sooner. After 12 hours, sign back in with the problem account and the calling app should appear.

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