Today while creating some test and training plans for a Anywhere365 deployment I am in the middle of, I came across an issue when an agent is signed into a Yealink T48G phone they are not available to be hunted in the Anywhere365 contact center. I must state that I suspect this problem to be present on any Skype for Business certified phone (non-LPE), but the Yealink is the only one I have to test with.

If the agent signed into their desktop client on their laptop, the phone would ring when they where hunted by the contact center. But if they weren’t, nothing.

Looking into the logs on the Anywhere server I could see the following

Line 19344: 2017-02-06 17:05:17,071 [65] DEBUG ucc_fluffy - ucc_fluffy Presence change: : Online : 3500 :  : Undefined : Federated Formal:False, Active:True. Text Disabled, Audio Disabled, Video Disabled,

From this line in the log, we can see that the phone fails to send it’s capabilities to Anywhere, and Anywhere cannot determine what endpoint it is, just that its an endpoint with no capabilities. As a result the endpoint will be excluded from the hunt.

When I signed into the Desktop client as well the log file shows:

Line 19562: 2017-02-06 17:11:18,316 [13] DEBUG ucc_fluffy - ucc_fluffy Presence change: : Online : 3500 :  : Undefined : Federated Formal:False, Active:True. Text Enabled, Audio Enabled, Video Disabled,

Now, once this check has completed, Anywhere uses this status for hunting. But Skype for Business  / Lync will use the presence algorithm to ring the client that is the most recently active. If that happens to be the Yealink, the Yealink will ring. If the desktop client, the desktop client will ring first.

To resolve this issue, Anywhere must be configured to ignore the capabilities check. To do this follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the SharePoint Control Panel and click on Settings
  2. Click on New Item
  3. In the Key field enter DisableAudioCapabilityCheck
  4. Change the Value from FALSE to TRUE
  5. Save the Setting and wait ten seconds and try again

Obviously, this is a workaround because there appears to be a limitation to what the Yealink phone sends out, so there is a performance cost to this. By enabling this setting, any Skype for Business / Lync Endpoint the agent has, if the presence is available, it is fair game to be hunted. Therefore, if the agent is signed into a non-voice capable endpoint, they will be hunted and the caller may be held unnecessarily in a queue until the agent hunt time out has expired before hunting the next agent.


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