Skype for Business & Exchange Online Auto Attendant–Transfer to Extension Failure Over Federation

Today I came across an interesting but equally painful problem when configuring Skype for Business IVRs with Exchange Online Auto Attendant workflows. My customer has scenarios whereby IVRs are used as main line entry points for branch offices. The standard workflow dictates that there are three main options that process Continue Reading


Skype for Business – Migration Methodology

For those of you who work in the Skype for Business ecosystem, you will be familiar with the terms End User Profiling Methodology, Call Quality Methodology, Skype Operations Framework, Roll-out Adoption Success Kit and other framework methodologies that are designed to help guide customers along the Skype for Business journey. Continue Reading

The Skype Show – Episode 9–Advanced-Voice-Stuff Episode 9 – Migration Methodology, Sonus & Nectar with UCMP and Advanced Voice Tips & Tricks 29th August 2016 Continuing on the theme of Enterprise Voice we look at the Migration Methodology. This is the process of migrating users from the legacy world into the Skype for Business ecosystem Continue Reading