Skype For Business–Is Presence Irrelevant?

When talking with customers new to unified communications, I ask them what they think is the most important feature deploying a unified communications solution will provide their business. 10 out of 10 customers will say the word presence within the first three items they list. To me this is significant, Continue Reading


Skype for Business– Migrate-CsAnnouncements

Those of you familiar with Skype for Business voice functionality will be aware of the use of announcements. Announcements are pre-determined messages that can be played when a user dials an incorrect number, unallocated number and they can even be used to route into response groups and other third party Continue Reading

Skype for Business–Error Constructing or Publishing Certificate

When adding a new Skype for Business server to an existing topology, I came across the following error statement whilst trying to request a certificate from the internal certificate authority: Command execution failed: Error Constructing or Publishing Certificate. The certificate validity period will be shorter than the “template name” certificate Continue Reading

The Skype Show – Episode 6 In episode 6 we are joined by Alex Lewis, an Office Services and Servers MVP from Event Zero. Alex  discusses UC Commander for Skype for Business. We are also be joined by a technical consultant from Sonus Networks, who presents Sonus’s proposition towards Skype for Business Session Border Controllers in technical detail. Continue Reading