Skype for Business – The effects of Packet Inspection

For those of you who deploy Skype for Business regularly for customers will be all too aware, often one of the biggest challenges is not deploying the technology, but actually making sure that everyone understands the requirements for a successful deployment. From the technicians who build the OS on the Continue Reading


Backup your Server Roles and Features

The following short script gathers the installed roles and features on a server and outputs them to PowerShell script that can be used to redeploy them on another server. This can be useful during migration scenarios or when you need to deploy an additional server with the same requirements. Copy Continue Reading

The Skype Show – Episode 4–Geographically-Dispersed-Edge-New-Skype-for-Business-Features-and-More In Episode 4 the we are discussing the future of Microsoft Unified Communications and the effects it will have on customers and partners. Thomas Poett will be discussing geographically dispersed edge server deployments and a bit about Cloud Connector Edition. We also have Jamie Stark, Skype for Business Technical Continue Reading

Skype for Business and Sonus–Remote Site Survivability (an alternative approach)

When deploying Skype for Business to medium sized organisations, the main challenges tend to be around how to ensure that remote sites adjacent to the main headquarters remain online for as long as possible in the event of an infrastructure failure. If you follow the Skype for Business architecture, you Continue Reading

Skype for Business and Sonus – Part 3 – Configuring Skype for Business

In Part 2 we discussed and walked through how to configure the Sonus SBC system settings including networking, security and other system dependencies. In this article we will be configuring Skype for Business to use the Sonus SBC as an appropriate gateway to the PSTN for Enterprise Voice. To begin Continue Reading