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Skype for Business – Office 2016 Unable to Verify Calendar Owner & Other Funnies

Continuing on my Office 2016 adventures, here is another little “feature”. When I installed Office 2016, I had Office 2010 existing on my workstation. To my surprise the installation of Office 2016 did not ask me if I wanted to upgrade my existing version of Office, and just installed it side by side. Initially, I thought what a cool idea well done Microsoft. But having used them in tandem I’ve come to notice a few strange issues when using the Skype for Business 2016 client.

One issue is that I now seem to be able to open Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2016, when traditionally only one Outlook version could ever exist on a system at any one time. Using the Outlook 2016 client I attempted to schedule a Skype meeting and was presented with the following error “Unable to identify the calendar owner. Please contact your support team.”

Creating a new mail profile did not help the situation, so I had to remove Office 2010 from my system completely. After it was removed, I was then able to resolve this issue by re-creating my mail profile again using the normal process via Windows Control Panel.

Other Funnies Experienced

Other than this issue, I have experienced weird issues using the Skype for Business 2016 client as opposed to the Skype for Business 2015 client. Now I had to remove Office 2010 from my machine I cannot screen grab these but in short the issues I have experienced are:

  • Unable to present PowerPoints in conferences using the Skype for Business 2016 client, produces an error complaining about VBA not being installed but SfB 2015 worked
  • Exchange connectivity didn’t work with SfB 2016 client but did with 2015 client. Deleting the 2015 version of your profile and then signing back into 2016 resolved that. But would only work on either or client versions not both.
  • Personal Note would not appear sometimes on the 2016 client version, but was happy on the 2015 client
  • Address book doesn’t seem to be able to synchronise with the 2016 client but is fine for the 2015 client

So for the best cause of action seems to be to remove all legacy versions of Office and Lync before installing Office 2016!


  1. Hi Mark, I have noticed that you have mentioned that you had issue connecting to Exchange with SfB before yo have removed SfB2015. How did you removed profile? I am experiencing the same issue but I have only 2016 version installed. With office 2013 and SfB 2015 no issues at all. Only when I put in place Outlook 2016 it breaks Exchange connectivity.

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