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Skype for Business – 2016 Client Still Cannot Transfer Calls Properly

First off, this is not a new discovery, it has been identified in the patched Lync client that when transferring calls you have to follow a specific procedure (See Anthony Caragol’s Post – http://www.skypeadmin.com/2015/08/14/issue-skype-for-business-client-will-not-perform-transfers/). I hoped that since this issue had been identified a long time ago that Microsoft would have resolved this issue. Sadly, they have not. But, they have made the issue worse….

In the patched Lync 2013 client to Skype for Business when you attempted to transfer a call by right clicking on the target user and selecting the number to transfer to (DDI, Mobile etc) nothing would happen. You then had an opportunity to retry using the proper process for transferring a call as described in Anthony’s post.

In Skype for Business 2016 however, the problem is exasperated.

Here I have made a call to my test account

Now let’s transfer the call to another user using the known method that failed in the Skype for Business 2015 client

The result….

So this now crashes the Skype for Business client and forces it to restart. Now it is more important than ever to transfer a call in the proper way as documented by Anthony.

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