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Skype for Business – Standard Edition Pool Failover Disaster [UPDATED]

Last week I blogged about my experiences with trying to simulate a DR event by performing a planned failover of a Standard Edition pool paired deployment. For those of you who read that post will know it is not a pleasant experience. For those who may not have read that post here is the link http://wp.me/p5atJy-cz

Over the weekend, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a safe workaround for the problem without being too destructive. I decided to start from scratch and install a brand new domain with Skype for Business RTM, to eliminate any customer variables and potentially CUs that could attribute to this problem. Unfortunately, I was able to replicate this issue all too easily, even with zero configuration applied (literally out of the box vanilla config) and had to revert the deployment back using the steps in my previous post.

However, I was able to work out a procedure that will produce less blood, sweat and tears for Skype admins.


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