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Skype for Business – Change Web Scheduler Date Format to UK

This post is in response to a TechNet thread asking if it is possible to change the date format of the web scheduler in Lync. Initially I didn’t think this was possible, and thought it was hard coded into the app itself. However, after a little investigation, I found that in fact it is customisable. Microsoft had even provided regional variants for foreign countries, but sadly omitted UK language variant.

If you have ever used the Web Scheduler, you will notice the date picker will display the date in US format, like this:

Although we can decipher this format, it is annoying to end users having to double check the dates. In the above example, in the UK this could be interpreted as the 9th August 2015. Which could lead to lost / forgotten meetings.

To change this to the UK format we need to do some modding. I suspect this is going to be supported because Microsoft already do it, I am just editing what’s already there.

Investigating the scheduler page I can see that JQuery is used, specifically the datepicker module. I know this module from the old days of dipping my toe into the web design world, so this should be customisable I thought.

Navigating to C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server 2015\Web Components\Web Scheduler\Int\Scripts directory on the front end server we can see locale files for each region.

As the server I am using is in the en-GB locale and judging by the LocaleList in the JS script, en-GB is missing, the script will divert back to en-US locale settings by default. Looking through the other JS, it appears that we cannot add to this list manually, so we cannot create a en-GB locale configuration file. So we have to use the en-US file instead.

Copy the jquery.ui.datepicker.en-US.js file to your desktop. (note you cannot in place edit as saving will produce access denied – unless you edit in elevated admin)

When you open the file, you will notice that it is empty

Add the following code to this file

$.datepicker.regional['en-us'] = { 
dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy', 

And Save the file

Copy this file back into the scripts directory and then relaunch the web scheduler. You will notice that the date format has now changed to UK locale

Going further, You can enforce other calendar settings by using the same file to override the default if you wish like so

Remember that you have to copy and paste this configuration file to all Front End Servers running the scheduler if you are load balancing. Furthermore, any CU updates are likely to overwrite this file so you will need to make a backup copy of this and re-import after you have applied CUs.

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