Skype for Business – Recover Your Deployment from a Deleted or Corrupt CMS

Over the last few days I have gone through the mill a bit with the Central Management Server Database, Pool Failover and Replication. This prompted me to think about a situation that strikes fear into the heart of every Lync / Skype for Business administrator. What if my CMS becomes Continue Reading


Skype for Business – WARNING: Standard Edition Pool Failover Disaster

I have been setting up a Standard Edition pool pair for disaster recovery for a customer and wanted to share my experiences around failover. The deployment and migration of services, users and data from the legacy Lync installation went absolutely fine and without issues. I successfully paired the two Skype Continue Reading

Skype for Business 5 minute Admin – Centralized Logging Error 33020

Today I came across an issue that arose from a much larger problem I was experiencing. In the Event Viewer I noticed an error I had not seen before referencing the Centralized Logging Agent. Event ID: 33020 Description: Centralized Logging Service Agent Error while moving cache files to network share. Continue Reading

Skype for Business – [FIXED] [BUG] LS Backup Service Error 4069

This week I have been installing a Skype for Business Standard Edition in a pool pair for disaster recovery / manual failover. The project began with an existing mixed topology of Lync 2010 and 2013 servers that had been left in an unfinished migration coexistence state. The customer wanted to Continue Reading

Skype for Business : Configuring Quality of Service (QoS)

When installing Skype for Business it is important to consider how you are going to guarantee a level of consistent service to your consumers. Out of the box Skype for Business does not use any Quality of Service (QoS) methodologies. However, it does support them. Skype for Business uses Differentiated Continue Reading

Skype for Business 5-minute Admin: Removing Invalid Front Ends from Topology

Have you ever added a Front End server into your topology using just the server name (i.e. Server1) and not the fully qualified domain name (i.e. server1.domain.local)? I have without thinking and published the topology. Easy mistake to make when you are not concentrating. However, you would think that undoing Continue Reading

Skype for Business 5-minute Admin: Protect your POODLE

Purpose of 5 minute Admin To provide Skype for Business Administrators with code snippets and to help with day to day administration tasks without the need to remember PowerShell, or other commands. 5 minute admin is not designed to be a detailed explanation of a particular problem, just offer the heavy Continue Reading