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Skype for Business – Call via Work Manager

Call via Work (CvW) is the replacement to RCC in Skype for Business. Those wishing to utilise this feature will come to realise that setting the call back number administratively requires a per user based policy. Whilst on the face of it seems rather trivial, imagine having to keep track of potentially hundreds of individual policies? At present there is only one way to manage these policies and that is PowerShell.

To make this feature more accessible and manageable I have created a UI that will display every user who is enabled for CvW and their associated policy configuration.


  • Update user’s call back number
  • Enable, Disable their CvW policy
  • Enforce the use of an admin call back number
  • Update selected user’s or all user’s
  • Remove a user’s CvW Policy
  • Create and Assign new CvW Policies

Current version does not offer a filter capability, currently working on that.

Install Requirements

  • Must be run on workstation / server that has Skype for Business Management Shell



Available for Download at: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Skype-for-Business-Call-67ad2b59


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