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Drive Adoption and Get Ready for Skype for Business

One of the biggest challenges that face IT departments is how to drive successful adoption of new and updated technology services with your consumers. It is a natural instinct of the human race to resist change. We are creatures of habit and when something or someone alters the status quo we often find it hard to adapt. What this means is we actively look for ways in which we can carry on in the same manner as we have in the past and if we can’t then often we try our best to avoid adopting the new way of doing things.

What this means in the IT world is that consumers often have a disconnect between he capabilities of the technology they have access to and their ability to understand how it can benefit their productivity and actually improve their working practices. As a result IT departments are often the cause of much office frustration, the bearer of bad news, the problem to all things electrical and the department of blame for everything to name but a few consumer comments I am used to hearing while quietly meandering customer offices.


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