Microsoft Teams – Calling App Doesn’t Load

This is a quick post to cover an intermittent issue that you may come across when provisioning users in the cloud for Teams Enterprise Voice. There have been several cases in recent weeks where I have created a user in Office 365, assigned them the appropriate licensing for Teams and Calling Plan and yet the… Read More


Save Money On Common Area Phones with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Now that Direct Routing has been released on General Availability worldwide for Microsoft Teams it is a very exciting time for Microsoft Cloud UC. Aside from the obvious benefits of Direct Routing such as migration path, investment stretching and interop with other systems, it does offer some interesting alternatives to Microsoft’s cloud native offering for… Read More

Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams Could Spark the End to Cloud Voice

Up until now if you wanted cloud voice provided within your Office 365 tenant you had a choice, calling plans and consume Microsoft’s Cloud Phone System, use Cloud Connector Edition to connect your on-premises PSTN investments to the cloud, or hybrid voice if you had an existing Skype for Business Server implementation. When investigating which… Read More

Microsoft Teams – Understanding Capabilities vs Licensing

When can we deploy Microsoft Teams? This question I have been asked several times over the last few weeks. Before I answer that question it probably good to define just what is meant by Microsoft Teams. You may think this is stupid, but really in the context of a wider program this is a very… Read More

My Winning Microsoft Teams World Cup Team

With the FIFA World Cup just two weeks away, I thought I’d use it as an opportunity for the perfect Microsoft Teams analogy for getting it right. If you are considering implementing Teams into your organization, you’re probably coming from one of two angles; existing Office365 consumer, or greenfield deployment. Whichever, route you are coming… Read More

Considerations for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft released Direct Routing to Public Preview last week (15th May 18) for Microsoft Teams. We as a Microsoft UC team seems to be incapable of choosing a decent name that clearly identifies our products without having to Bing first… It also has a very confusing acronym, DR. C’mon DR means Disaster Recovery to so… Read More

The Cloud Leads the Way to Disable TLS 1.0/1.1–Goodbye Lync Phone Edition

Microsoft announced that they will be turning off TLS 1.0 and 1.1 encryption on Office 365 on 31st October 2018. This should not come as a shock surprise to anyone after the POODLE and BEAST vulnerabilities exposed throughout 2011 and 2014. But what does that mean for you and your devices? From a Skype world… Read More

Dangers of Confusing Productivity with Flexibility & Mobility

We haver never lived in such a time where computing was so accessible. With the mainstream use of Office 365 and Azure services remote working has become an ever popular and often the main selling point to a business. The internet is awash with how great it is that people can access more than just… Read More

Migrating from Avaya to Skype for Business – Part 5 – Migrating with MigrationPro

In Part 4 I discussed how Unimax MigrationPro Grouping component to analyse station ties and grouping them together into migration groups.. In this post I will be focussing on the actual migration process. Before I jump into the application, I wanted to spend a little time discussing the migration build up. Migrations are not as… Read More